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Seen on: 08/11/2019

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Party Hard, Die Young (2018)

Directed by Dominik Hartl

Horror | Thriller

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Julia and her friends, celebrating their high school graduation in Croatia, find themselves the targets of a masked killer who begins picking them off, one by one.

Length 90 minutes


Michael Ostrowski | Antonia Moretti | Alexandra Schmidt | Michael Glantschnig | Marlon Boess | Elisabeth Wabitsch | Markus Freist├Ątter | Valerie Huber | Hisham Morscher | Thomas Otrok | Chantal Pausch | Nikolaas Von Schrader | Ferdinand Seebacher | Fabian Unger

Viewing Notes

Had the potential to be a nice modern slasher but falls into that pedestrian mode by the midway point. I really dig the setup w/the big party on the island (and that this is a Austrian production) but it goes south when the killing happens and yep, the organizers of this huge rave keep it going. So you know that if anything like this happened in the real world at a party or festival or whatever they’d shut it all down.

Okay so if I suspend my belief to accept that oh maybe they keep it going and let the kids who wanna stay on the island and keeping raving then fine. But then the movie goes down a tired and true path we’ve seen all too many times involving the killer and motives. Ugh. This is like a late 90s glossy slasher all over again. Such an obvious play here that I became unhappy it did it.

And tbh up that point I fully prepared to give this a solid 6/10 but damn they went there and pooped the bed. Also I’d be terrified if I had a kid and they were going to this island party.


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