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Seen on: 08/13/2019

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The Ghoul (1975)

Directed by Freddie Francis


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A former clergyman (Peter Cushing) in 1920s England tries to keep his cannibalistic son locked in the attic.

Length 90 minutes


Peter Cushing | John Hurt | Veronica Carlson | Don Henderson | Ian McCulloch | Gwen Watford | Alexandra Bastedo | Dan Meaden | John D. Collins | Stewart Bevan

Viewing Notes

Found a Peter Cushing film on Prime that I haven’t seen. Sadly it’s 1.33/1 and not a great transfer. Perhaps it was shot in this aspect ratio for television? Seems like it could be an Amicus flick but I’ll have to check. Rather wild to see John Hurt in this along w/Cushing. Also very much like a proto-Castle Freak story. Not a very good movie but certainly worth the watch for Cushing + Hurt.


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