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Terror in the Wax Museum (1973)

Directed by Georg Fenady

Horror | Mystery

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The murder of the owner of a Wax Museum prompts a police investigator to determine whether the killer is one of the suspects hoping to take ownership of the museum, or if Jack the Ripper has returned.

Length 93 minutes


Elsa Lanchester | Ray Milland | John Carradine | Patric Knowles | Maurice Evans | Louis Hayward | Broderick Crawford | Lisa Lu | Mark Edwards | Shani Wallis | Steven Marlo | Nicole Shelby

Viewing Notes

So wild that Ray Milland and Elsa Lanchester did these kinds of B-movies late in their career. John Carradine I get b/c he was making trash for decades. This is odd for an early 70s film not produced by Hammer or in the UK. It’s like they wanted to go for that look & feel and perhaps ride that wave while it was still around. I like this film b/c it’s a wax museum movie and has a fun cast (that includes Lisa Lu as the Dragon Lady) but it’s not a very good movie.


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