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Amazon Prime hotel gangster murder mystery detective whodunit new year's eve

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Seen on: 08/21/2019

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The Avenging Hand (1936)

Directed by Victor Hanbury, Frank Richardson

Crime | Mystery

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A Chicago gangster is pleasantly surprised by violent crime in London. When he discovers crooks are after a mysterious package, and murder an innocent match-seller for it, he turns detective.

Length 64 minutes


Charles Oliver | Henry B. Longhurst | James Harcourt | Noah Beery | Joan Kemp-Welch | Kathleen Kelly | Tarva Penna | Louis Borell | Reginald Long | Penelope Parkes | Billie De la Volta | Fred Bush | Bela Mila

Viewing Notes

A one-location whodunnit but really you know it has to be one of the gangsters. Set in a hotel across a few rooms with a missing key to safe. Nothing special but I like that it’s set on New Years Eve.


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