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Seen on: 08/25/2019

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Witchcraft III: The Kiss of Death (1991)

Directed by Rachel Feldman

Horror | Supernatural

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A warlock refuses to use his powers for evil, but comes across another warlock who isn’t bothered by such trivial matters. In fact, the evil warlock falls for the good warlock’s girlfriend, and decides to get rid of his competition so he can turn the girlfriend into one of his many sex slaves. The good warlock, not quite sure how to handle the situation, turns to an African witch doctor for help.

Rated R | Length 85 minutes


Ally Downs | Angela Parrish | Rocco Calvi | Scott Davis | Robert Eberz | Michael Halpin | Alexa Jago | Alena Mekelburg | Ahmad Reese | Nicole Lauren | Sha Bennett | William Lewis Baker | Leana Hall | Domonic Luciana | Charles Solomon Jr. | Lisa Toothman

Viewing Notes

Amusing how bad these films are yet they kept making them. Almost like “welp let’s make another one completely unrelated to the previous one but can we make it worse?”
And yet 3 movies into this “franchise” this one seems more watchable? Still super dumb and very bad low budget horror flick but it’s okay… ??

I mean, just read that description. It’s nuts!


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