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Seen on: 09/10/2019

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Moscow-Cassiopeia (1974)

Directed by Richard Viktorov

Science Fiction | Family | Adventure

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Start of interstellar expedition equipped by “pioneers”(soviet scouts).

Length 85 minutes


Natalya Fateeva | Lev Durov | Artyom Karapetyan | Olga Bityukova | Vasiliy Merkurev | Yuri Medvedev | Pyotr Merkuryev | Natalya Strizhenova | Vladimir Basov Jr. | Innokentiy Smoktunovskiy | Irina Savina | Vladimir Savin | Misha Yershov | Aleksandr Grigoryev | Nadezhda Ovcharova

Viewing Notes

Was excited to see that DaikiajuTV programmed the pair of Soviet Bloc space adventure films for their “Space Station Europa” night. Hadn’t seen either of these so it was quite a treat to watch them.

This one, Moscow-Cassiopeia, is neat family friendly borderline comedy about a group of 13 year olds selected for a intensive space journey to Cassiopeia to answer a distress signal. Not exactly sure what year in the film this takes place but it’s loaded with some advanced tech including a universal translator that even translates what animals are saying/thinking (the device is call a mind reader). Their spaceship even has “holodeck” rooms so they can visit familiar places in their homeland. Fun stuff and the kids are spunky. But everything else still appears very 70s.

Oddly what’s never really addressed is these kids agreeing to the mission which entails a 50 year space flight that equates to 500 earth years, noting that everyone they’ve ever known will be dead by they time they reach their final destination. Like, these kids are like “okay” when to do we leave (and these kids all wanted to be on mission). There’s no melodrama or sadness over this, which is very weird and could be indicative of being a Soviet production (country first!).

Anyways this is a fine first-parter for the sequel to follow that continues the journey.


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