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Adoration (2020)

Directed by Fabrice Du Welz


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Paul is a 12 years old boy. He lives with his mother in the private clinic of doctor Loisel, deeply hidden in the woods. Paul likes to roam the forest and observe nature. One day Gloria, a schizophrenic teenager of around fifteen years old, arrives. Paul falls in love immediately. There is an awkward love between the two children. Because Paul thinks that Gloria is in danger, he helps her escape. This is the beginning of a long journey that will take the two children to the heart of madness.

Length 98 minutes


Laurent Lucas | Jean-Luc Couchard | Benoît Poelvoorde | Pierre Nisse | Sandor Funtek | Anaël Snoek | Gwendolyn Gourvenec | Fantine Harduin | Thomas Gioria | Charlotte Vandermeersch | Martha Canga Antonio | Renaud Rutten

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