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Rating: 7.5 stars


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Seen on: 10/25/2019

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Check. (2019)

Directed by Justin Nelson

Horror | Romance | Short

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Karen invites Max home but has a number of rules he must follow, the most paramount being he check under her bed for monsters. He has to check every time he stays the night. What could possibly happen if he didn’t checkā€¦

Length 10 minutes


Jamie Morrow | Jabari Everett

Viewing Notes

This short proceeded DANIEL ISN’T REAL at Nightmares Film Festival.

This is one of my favorite shorts of the festival. Note that I didn’t see all the shorts (there were over 150 short films!) but I did see a couple dozen or so. This one was done so well with a cool story and payoff. I spoke with Justin a couple times during the fest about the film esp. how he seeded it with a few red herrings. Love the actors and the story.


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