The Current War (2017)

Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

History | Drama

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Electricity titans Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse compete to create a sustainable system and market it to the American people.

Rated PG-13 | Length 108 minutes


Benedict Cumberbatch | Michael Shannon | Nicholas Hoult | Katherine Waterston | Tom Holland | Matthew Macfadyen | Tuppence Middleton | Stanley Townsend | Damien Molony | Conor MacNeill | Celyn Jones | Craig Roberts | Harry Melling | Colin Stinton | Oliver Powell | John Schwab | Abigail Johns | Tom Bell | Tom Sweet | Iain McKee | Jason Matthewson | Woody Norman | Louis Ashbourne Serkis | Faye Ormston | Phil Hodges | Ekow Quartey | Adam Lazarus | Simon Connolly | Joseph Balderrama | Steven I. Dillard | Martyn Mayger | Toby Williams | Tim Steed | Christopher McMullen | Jeremy Oliver | Liza Ross | Steve Carroll | James Chalmers | Nancy Crane | Will Irvine | Adam Pearce | Sophia Ally | Kevin Millington | Ben Mars | Greg Haiste | Katy Poulter | Jed Aukin | Robert-Anthony Artlett | John Kinory | Michael Yates | Andy Cockell | Giacomo Joshua Brunelli | Nigel Wilcock | Jay William Whittington Barrette | Thor Janke | James Chipman | Gary Kiely | Andrew Okello | David Morley Hale | Pamela Betsy Cooper | Simon Manyonda | John Pierce Jones | Nigel Whitmey | Benjamin Schnau

Viewing Notes

Double feature day. Sometimes fun yet flashy emo take on these events at the turn of the century. It’s like the approach was, “how do we make this story interesting for Gen Z” instead of just delivering a good screenplay. Between that and the photography/editing it’s almost like a music video. Also I don’t buy any of the tortured soul nonsense for Thomas Edison but at least Benedict Cumberbatch does portray him like a jerk.

Overall a different way of retelling this race of electricity that’s worth watching for these actors. But there must be a better story about these inventors and the ruthlessness of the times. I’d like to watch that. Also another nearly soldout show (after JOJO RABBIT). Crazy but I guess folks go out to the movies on Saturday in Schaumburg.


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