Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

Directed by Tim Miller

Action | Science Fiction | Thriller

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Decades after Sarah Connor prevented Judgment Day, a lethal new Terminator is sent to eliminate the future leader of the resistance. In a fight to save mankind, battle-hardened Sarah Connor teams up with an unexpected ally and an enhanced super soldier to stop the deadliest Terminator yet.

Rated R | Length 128 minutes


Edward Furlong | Arnold Schwarzenegger | Stuart McQuarrie | Linda Hamilton | Tristán Ulloa | Alicia Borrachero | Fraser James | Gabriel Luna | Diego Boneta | Enrique Arce | Tom Hopper | Steven Cree | Mackenzie Davis | Christine Horn | Pete Ploszek | Mario de la Rosa | Lorna Brown | Brett Azar | Claudia Trujillo | Kacy Owens | Tábata Cerezo | Phillip Garcia | Natalia Reyes | Blair Jackson | Nicholas Wittman | Jude Collie | Rochelle Neil | Pedro Rudolphi

Viewing Notes

Yes I like this movie. I believe my rating went up on this second viewing. Dolby theater helped. But also noticing certain things / moments that really nail it. A lot of this was Sarah’s (Linda Hamilton) expressions and thoughts you can read in her face. Particularly sitting in the back of the truck looking at Dani sleeping in the lap of Grace. Like she knows her story, her journey has led to this and she knows what it feels like to be this girl not wanting any part of it but having no choice in the matter. I really do think Hamiton is great in this; she’s ornery and cocksure yet empathetic. She’s a grizzled war veteran of her own story.

I’ve seen criticism of this movie indicating that this should’ve been Sarah’s story not Dani. Esp. since it begins with Sarah in the past. I think that’s a bad take. We’ve already seen Sarah’s story play out in T1 and T2. Now we’re seeing the end of that story and the start of a new, familiar story that resides in Dani. And I believe we see Sarah acknowledging that throughout the course of the film; she knows it’s now on Dani and the Sarah Connor she was is no longer.

Despite some wonky CG the action is pretty damn good. One thrilling setpiece after another with good breathers in-between.

Yeah I really like this movie. I’m sad that ppl didn’t go out to see it. Mackenzie Davis deserved better. She’s a fucking badass here and I’d love to see her in this role again. However, I’m not sure what more they can do in this franchise that we haven’t seen already. I think anything else they do would be another spin on the same stuff and I don’t want that.


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