The Washing Machine (1993)

Directed by Ruggero Deodato

Crime | Mystery | Thriller

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A police detective investigates the murder of a man found dismembered in a washing machine and is drawn into a web of deceit and murder by the dead man’s lover, Vida, and her two sisters, Sissy and Ludmilla.

Length 90 minutes


Yorgo Voyagis | Philippe Caroit | Ruggero Deodato | Katarzyna Figura | Ilaria Borrelli | Claudia Pozzi | Barbara Ricci | Laurence Regnier | László Borbély

Viewing Notes

Clue for movie 8: Absurd erotic thriller from a notorious Italian genre director

My guess: Waves of Lust (1975), in which I got the director correct! Figured it had to be Deodato but just chose the wrong movie. Ah well.

This was the final movie of the Tomorrow Romance movie marathon and a great way to end it. Super sexy and entertaining and weird.

I LOVE this movie. Based on the title it is nothing I expected. It truly is an erotic mystery thriller… basically Deodato’s Rashomon giallo with three temptress sisters intentionally telling this inspector detective their versions of a murder that took place in their apartment (their lover found chopped up in the washing machine). Of course, just like in Rashomon, nothing is as it seems. What is real or just a dream/imagination?

Pretty sleazy yet amusing sequences w/the woman seducing this detective. Some excellent on-location scenes that made me want to visit all the places where this was shot (Budapest!). And the sisters are sexy as hell esp. Barbara Ricci and Ilaria Borrelli even tho you know they are messed up. They play it so well between being seductive and disturbing.

Guessing this film doesn’t have a decent new release or restored home video edition since the version Jason presented was an old DVD rip. I’d love to have this on Blu! Wold be another fun movie night flick.


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