Ford v Ferrari (2019)

Directed by James Mangold

Drama | Sports

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American car designer Carroll Shelby and the British-born driver Ken Miles work together to battle corporate interference, the laws of physics, and their own personal demons to build a revolutionary race car for Ford Motor Company and take on the dominating race cars of Enzo Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France in 1966.

Rated PG-13 | Length 152 minutes


Ray McKinnon | Matt Damon | Christian Bale | Josh Lucas | Wallace Langham | Brad Beyer | Jon Bernthal | Rudolf Martin | JJ Feild | Remo Girone | Jonathan LaPaglia | Tracy Letts | Christopher Darga | Ward Horton | Corrado Invernizzi | Sean Carrigan | Caitriona Balfe | Lou Beatty Jr. | Evan Arnold | Adam Mayfield | Emil Beheshti | Ian Harding | Jack McMullen | Joseph Williamson | Drew Rausch | Giles Matthey | Giovanni Cirfiera | Lachlan Buchanan | Darin Cooper | Ben Collins | Tanner Foust | Wyatt Nash | Darrin Prescott | Andrew Burlinson | Benjamin Rigby | Michael Lanahan | Stefania Spampinato | Dallas Chandler | Peter Arpesella | Noah Jupe | Ottavio Taddei | Elizabeth Dement | Shawn Law | Scott Rapp | Alex Gurney | Francesco Bauco | Guido Cocomello | Luigi Debiasse

Viewing Notes

Hot damn do I love this movie. IMAX is great but Dolby would be better. Generates a throwback feeling of when there were more movies like this made out of the studio system. Another movie where I’d like to read the story this is based on (and finish that Iacocca autobiography I started oh so many years ago; Jon Bernthal is perfect in that role, btw). Just curious what was embellished and what’s truly factual among the order of events.

Worth noting: I really had no interest in seeing this film. The trailers, what I saw of them (don’t really watch them or pay attention to them) did nothing for me—I’ve heard the trailer so many times bc it’s been in front of nearly every movie I’ve seen in the theater for the past 3 or 4 months I think I could recite it—nor did the story. What got me interested has been the positive WOM on my TL that has been enthusiastic and bc I saw it was in IMAX, which I thought was weird, I figured I’d go. *NOW* I get it. It’s really great to see the race sequences on a massive screen. Would’ve loved to hear it and feel it in Dolby Cinema.

Also this film evokes similar feelings as the recent space mission films like FIRST MAN… really any man-on-a-mission movie. Caitriona Balfe is quite good in the thankless wife role a la Claire Foy in FIRST MAN. What I do like about Christian Bale is that he’s so good at becoming that character you believe it even tho you know it’s Christian Bale. Matt Damon to a lesser extent. (Unlike Tom Cruise where Cruise just seems to be portraying himself over and over)

Anyways, I was really absorbed into this story. This is a movie I’m sure my brother and father would like. I hope there’s a good featurette on the Blu release that details how they recreated this time period i.e what was done digitally because it looks really good and very 1960s period.


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