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Rating: 2 stars


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Seen on: 11/16/2019

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Federal Agent 8: Fate (2017)

Directed by Alan Kuskowski

Science Fiction | Crime | Animation

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An alien cop from the distant Reticulum star system is forced on a dangerous deep space mission. He crash lands on Earth chasing fugitives.

Length 99 minutes


Theodore Leon | Lee Monahan | Lisa Vanderhill

Viewing Notes

This may be the worst movie I’ve seen this year. And it’s not so bad it’s good; it’s just hilariously bad. Really there aren’t the words to explain how awful this is. For starters, the animation looks like some aberration created in the mid-90s. I cannot wrap my head around the fact this was animation created in recent years and passed on as acceptable. It honestly looks like what they might teach grade school children learning for the first time. It’s just so weird.

The dialogue and voice acting is atrocious. It’s as if they just recruited non-actors to deliver lines as stilted as possible. There’s also accents used by the alien race that make zero sense (as these accents would be rooted in Earth cultures). The screenplay is silly which only compounds how convoluted the plot is. Not sure if I was just distracted by the terrible animation and/or dialogue that I really didn’t understand what was happening and why characters do the things they do. Really the only part of the story I got was when the alien cop escapes and crash lands in Central Park. Oh worth noting how completely ridiculous NYC is rendered. 

This movie is so bad I was thinking of how my friends would react to it. I would give this movie a 1/10 but I gotta give a full star up for the filmmakers just conceiving this movie and making it and believing it was worth seeing by somebody.

or maybe I’m completely wrong and this is a work of brilliant art? Or an accidental genius? I’m laughing just thinking about how awful this movie is. There has to be more to this story.


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