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Seen on: 11/20/2019

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Columbo: Murder Under Glass (1978)

Directed by Jonathan Demme

Crime | Mystery

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Columbo (Peter Falk) investigates a famous restaurant critic for murder.

Length 75 minutes


Peter Falk | Michael V. Gazzo | Mako | Louis Jourdan | Richard Dysart | France Nuyen | Larry D. Mann | Shera Danese

Viewing Notes

Another Columbo episode listed on TMDb full of familiar faces like Louis Jourdan, who is the villain in this one. Maybe it was added as a film b/c Jonathon Demme is the director? Also features Mako in a small cameo. This ep is funny b/c it blurs cuisines between Japanese and Italian using fugu (from the pufferfish) as the poison for the murder. What’s interesting is that Jourdan portrays a celebrity chef long before that was really a thing. I think the story is a bit light but I give a half star for being about food and pretending to be Japanese when they open with a shot of LA Chinatown. At least Columbo references Little Tokyo later in the ep.


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