The Playroom (2013)

Directed by Julia Dyer


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Four children in their attic hideaway make up a fantastic story, while downstairs their parents weave a drunken intrigue of their own.

Rated NR | Length 83 minutes


John Hawkes | Molly Parker | Cody Linley | Jonathan Brooks | Alexandra Doke | Olivia Harris | Jonathon McClendon | Ian Veteto | Lydia Mackay

Viewing Notes

Mainly worth the watch for Molly Parker and John Hawkes even tho the story is less about them and more about their children who tell stories to escape the messed up lives of their parents. I think the problem for me is not really connecting with any of the characters nor really caring about them. All do a fine job acting but the adults are easily disliked here and children aren’t left with much to do other than tell their stories. Seems like this would work better as a stage play. Reminds me a bit of CARNAGE but nearly as compelling.


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