Commando 3 (2019)

Directed by Aditya Datt


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A mysterious man is on an impending mission to attack the country from his base in London. Karan Singh Dogra sets out to hunt down the antagonist aided by the British Intelligence.

Length 133 minutes


Adah Sharma | Mark Bennington | Gulshan Devaiah | Vidyut Jamwal | Rajesh Tailang | Sumeet Thakur | Feryna Wazheir | Angira Dhar | Vicky Kadian | Atharva Vishwakarma | R. Bhakti Klein | Abhilash Chaudhary

Viewing Notes

Well that was disappointing! Honestly thought bc the ratings were better for this film over the previous one that it would be better. It’s not. It’s worse. In this film Karan the Commando goes to London to stop a terrorist from unleashing a large attack across India on Diwali. The whole thing is just dopey and dumb with some uninspired action sequences. Doesn’t help matters that I really do not care for terrorism plots. I can tolerate them if done well but here it’s just a big clunky premise that is just poorly delivered.

This probably isn’t even a 5/10 movie but I like the characters and actors (Vidyut Jamwal and Adah Sharma).

Oh to illustrate the dopiness when Karan and Bhavana go to London they meet up with Indian-Brit agents from British Intelligence who speak English but make a point indicating they understand Hindi and minutes later they are just speaking Hindi like it’s their first language (they make a point to say they were born in England). What. Then when BI is giving an intelligence briefing to a group of agents they are doing it in Hindi?? So even the non Indian/Indian-Brits understand Hindi, too?  Just weirdly inconsistent and distracting.


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