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Seen on: 12/01/2019

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Ain't It Aggravatin' (1954)

Directed by Dave O'Brien

Comedy | Short

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This comedic short looks at human foibles that lead to major aggravations.

Length 9 minutes


Frank Sully | Dave O'Brien | Sally Payne | Pete Smith

Viewing Notes

This 4-movie set that got from the interloan (Dundee Township Library) that has ARSENIC AND OLD LACE also has a bunch of short films from around the time of these movies. These appear to be the kind that would show up before a CFS screening (a bit goofy). This one fits that bill and isn’t very good. It pokes fun at these aggravating moments yet it’s very flat. Like I was expecting to hear a slide whistle at the end of each scene.


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