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Seen on: 12/02/2019

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Big Top Scooby-Doo! (2012)

Directed by Ben Lewis Jones

Mystery | Family | Animation

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When Scooby and the gang hear of a werewolf plaguing a traveling circus, they go undercover as circus performers to get to the bottom.

Rated G | Length 81 minutes


Peter Stormare | Greg Ellis | Grey DeLisle | Frank Welker | Craig Ferguson | Matthew Lillard | Jim Meskimen | Maurice LaMarche | Jeff Dunham | Jess Harnell | Mindy Cohn | Candi Milo | Carlos Ferro | Hynden Walch

Viewing Notes

Only needed to hear the voice actors to know this was a recent Scooby-Doo feature film. Also the animation.

This is a p good “new” movie where Mystery Inc investigates a circus infested with werewolves. Has some nice guest voice acting by the likes of Peter Stormare and others.

The bonus episodes on the Blu are cool: an original 1969 episode, a 2nd gen ep from the Scrappy years, and a recent ep from 2010. All dealing with a circus or carnival. The old ep is great and a reminder of how well that formula worked and how simple yet perfect the animation was. Love it. The new series ep is the first I’ve seen from that run and it’s weird bc the animation is so stylized. Very different but not terrible. Just different from the traditional look of the characters. Apparently the new show is serialized? This ep has returning characters and a dark subplot. Very curious about it now. I love that Linda Cardellini has a voice acting part as the nemesis of Velma (Linda portrayed Velma in the live action films).


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