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Seen on: 12/03/2019

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The Beast in the Cellar (1970)

Directed by James Kelley

Horror | Thriller

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Two spinsters have kept their mad brother locked up in their cellar for 30 years. Then he escapes ...

Length 101 minutes


Vernon Dobtcheff | T. P. McKenna | Flora Robson | John Hamill | Beryl Reid | Tessa Wyatt | John Kelland | Peter Craze | Chris Chittell | David Dodimead

Viewing Notes

Severin has been pushing this title for the past week as it’s one of their new releases for Black Friday. Decided to give it a go on Prime to see what it was all about (wish every “new” genre release was available streaming to preview before buying). This is an interesting flick from Tigon Pictures that is very 1970s in its premise. Wouldn’t call this particularly good but it has its moments. Also the version on Prime has been trimmed of 15 minutes and the transfer isn’t so hot. Would like to see the Severin release to compare.


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