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Rating: 8 stars


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Seen on: 12/16/2019, 04/10/2010 (rewatch)

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The Thin Man (1934)

Directed by W.S. Van Dyke

Mystery | Comedy | Crime

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A husband-and-wife detective team takes on the search for a missing inventor and almost get killed for their efforts.

Rated NR | Length 91 minutes


Cesar Romero | Douglas Fowley | Myrna Loy | Porter Hall | Rolfe Sedan | Leo White | Bert Roach | Fred Malatesta | William Powell | Nat Pendleton | Minna Gombell | Henry Wadsworth | William Henry | Harold Huber | Natalie Moorhead | Edward Brophy | Cyril Thornton | Maureen O'Sullivan | Edward Ellis | Thomas E. Jackson | Sherry Hall | Robert Homans | Creighton Hale | Walter Long | Arthur Belasco | Brooks Benedict | Garry Owen | Henry Otho | Bob Reeves | Charles Williams | Dick Gordon | Lee Phelps | Frank O'Connor | Pat Flaherty | George Templeton | Ben Taggart | Sydney Jarvis | Phil Tead | Raymond Brown | John Irwin | Gertrude Short | Lee Shumway | Harry Tenbrook | Edward Hearn | Clay Clement | Jack Cheatham | Christian J. Frank | Kenner G. Kemp | John Larkin | Albert Pollet | William H. O'Brien | Nick Copeland | Huey White | Tiny Jones | Alexander Pollard | Kenneth Gibson | Tui Bow | Ruth Channing | William Augustin | Pietro Sosso | Polly Bailey | Hans Moebus | Skippy

Viewing Notes

First visit to the Tivoli Theater. Perfect film to see there. That theater rocks!

I really like this movie primarily for Myrna Loy and William Powell and their excellent portrayal of Nora and Nick Charles. The chemistry between them is pitch perfect. They really elevate the entire story which isn’t handled very well in the screen adaptation. The book is excellent but a lot of it was removed for the movie version making it more convoluted and less impactful when it reaches conclusion.

Still a fun watch and a good one to see in theater with a crowd. Glad I made the effort to get to Downers Grove to view this. Now I want to revisit all the subsequent films.


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