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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Directed by Gareth Edwards

Action | Thriller | Science Fiction

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A rogue band of resistance fighters unite for a mission to steal the Death Star plans and bring a new hope to the galaxy.

Rated PG-13 | Length 133 minutes


Anthony Daniels | Eugene Byrd | Mads Mikkelsen | Donnie Yen | Daniel Mays | Forest Whitaker | Geoff Bell | Diego Luna | Warwick Davis | Geraldine James | James Earl Jones | Michael Giacchino | Michael Smiley | Tony Gilroy | James Arnold Taylor | Alan Tudyk | Spencer Wilding | Ben Daniels | Jonathan Aris | Eric MacLennan | Jimmy Smits | Francis Magee | Guy Henry | Babou Ceesay | Ian McElhinney | Sam Witwer | Drewe Henley | Vanessa Lengies | Riz Ahmed | Alistair Petrie | Fares Fares | Angus MacInnes | John S. Schwartz | Ram Bergman | David Cowgill | Fred Tatasciore | Ned Dennehy | Rian Johnson | John Gilroy | Tom Kane | Matthew Wood | Dave Filoni | Felicity Jones | Bronson Webb | Jiang Wen | Ben Mendelsohn | Vanessa Marshall | David Boat | Julian Stone | Paul Kasey | Simon Farnaby | Yuri Lowenthal | Robin Atkin Downes | Genevieve O'Reilly | David Sobolov | Michael Donovan | Terri Douglas | Sharon Duncan-Brewster | Jack Roth | Lex Lang | Valene Kane | Russell Balogh | Ian Whyte | Christian Simpson | Stephen Stanton | Jimmy Vee | David Ankrum | Jonathan Dixon | Tony Pitts | Richard Franklin | Katie Sheridan | Andy de la Tour | Nick Kellington | David Acord | Ariyon Bakare | Angus Wright | Aidan Cook | Duncan Pow | Jorge Leon Martinez | Jordan Stephens | Christopher Scarabosio | Martin Gordon | Tom Harrison-Read | Kevin Hickman | Karen Huie | Mac Pietowski | Attila G. Kerekes | Verona Blue | Ingvild Deila | Steen Young | Tyrone Love | Angus Cook | Emeson Nwolie | Toby Hefferman | Beau Gadsdon | Dolly Gadsdon | Daniel Naprous | Derek Arnold | Steve Bardrack | Alexi Melvin | Flora Miller | William M. Patrick | Orly Schuchmacher | James Harkness | Robert Benedetti-Hall

Viewing Notes

Wondering if we need 1) a new format: 4K UHD or 2) to change 4K Blu-ray to simply 4K UHD as to not create another entry under format. This would be to cover the 4K UHD streaming content now available which is definitely quite different than standard streaming. Or perhaps “4K Streaming”?

Since I started watching The Mandalorian I felt like giving this another spin since it’s closer to the same timeline and shares some of the look and feel (Jedha in particular). Gotta say the Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos (even tho I can’t completely utilize Atmos) is rather stunning. I think this is a great movie however I’ve always been a tad put off by it. This viewing confirms my overall feelings which boils down to this being such a dire film; the entire narrative is a suicide mission for nearly everyone involved save for those that weren’t active in the assault on Scarif. This casts a long shadow over the film and it’s rather depressing knowing everyone will die.

I’d really like to read about the alternate version of this film that was shot (since I guess we’ll never see that). I’d even read a novelization of that story just to know what the original story was going to be. Guessing there’s some stuff online but I’d prefer to read the official take.

Notes on this viewing: this really is a beautiful film. The Dolby Vision is exceptional. The entire lived-in quality of the environment is terrific esp. on Jedha. Everything looks like it was filmed on location even if it wasn’t from the planet Lah’mu to Jedha and so on.

I really love how dialogue scenes give the movie the needed room to breathe between the action setpieces. And those are meaningful scenes esp between Cassian and Jyn. It’s just so nice to watch given the recent TRoS film. However, this also emphasizes how serious this movie is compared to the OT and sequel trilogy. Everything is about the mission and plans. K-2SO’s sardonic remarks aside, there is no whimsy in this installment. It’s all about the war and the rebellion scraping by against the Empire.

Agree that Krennic’s visit to Mustafar is unnecessary and undercuts Vader’s appearance at the end. It’s a nice scene but it would’ve been more powerful to see Vader at the end when either his destroyer shows up or he boards the rebel vessel.

CG Tarkin looks okay in UHD! I still would’ve preferred just seeing his reflection but it’s not distracting as I initially thought. Same goes for Leia even tho they didn’t need her facial appearance either.

Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen really are the anchors and I love how they join Jyn and Cassian by accident and become part of the team. They have some wonderful character moments. Again their fate along with Bodhi and the others is why I’m down on the film. The overall message is “hope” and despite succeeding with the main mission, everyone is sacrificed for the cause. It’s just depressing and makes me sad.

In my alternate version, Jyn, Cassian, Chirrut, Baze, and K-2SO make it off Scarif with Bodhi piloting the transport along with a few of the rebel soldiers. Sure, it’s a happier ending but I’m sappy that way and prefer to be hopeful for a better outcome. Plus I’d love to see these characters in another side-quel story on another mission.


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