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Star Wars (1977)

Directed by George Lucas

Action | Adventure | Science Fiction

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Princess Leia is captured and held hostage by the evil Imperial forces in their effort to take over the galactic Empire. Venturesome Luke Skywalker and dashing captain Han Solo team together with the loveable robot duo R2-D2 and C-3PO to rescue the beautiful princess and restore peace and justice in the Empire.

Rated PG | Length 121 minutes


Mark Hamill | Harrison Ford | Carrie Fisher | Peter Cushing | Anthony Daniels | Kenny Baker | William Hootkins | Scott Beach | Joe Johnston | Phil Tippett | Shane Rimmer | Alec Guinness | Richard LeParmentier | James Earl Jones | Garrick Hagon | Rick McCallum | Bill Weston | David Prowse | Peter Mayhew | Phil Brown | Don Henderson | Drewe Henley | Denis Lawson | Peter Diamond | Angus MacInnes | Steve 'Spaz' Williams | Eddie Byrne | Leslie Schofield | Maria De Aragon | George Roubicek | Shelagh Fraser | Jack Purvis | Jeremy Sinden | Larry Ward | Morgan Upton | Jerry Walter | Jack Klaff | Malcolm Tierney | Burnell Tucker | Barry Copping | Peter Sumner | Al Lampert | Paul Blake | Joe Kaye | Graham Ashley | Harry Fielder | Alex McCrindle | Rusty Goffe | Colin Higgins | Tom Sylla | Alan Harris | Anthony Lang | Linda Jones | Tim Condren | Marcus Powell | Tiffany L. Kurtz | Steve Gawley | David Ankrum | Mark Austin | Lightning Bear | Jon Berg | Doug Beswick | Janice Burchette | Ted Burnett | John Chapman | Gilda Cohen | Alfie Curtis | Robert Davies | Robert A. Denham | Frazer Diamond | Warwick Diamond | Sadie Eden | Kim Falkinburg | Ted Gagliano | Salo Gardner | Barry Gnome | Isaac Grand | Nelson Hall | Reg Harding | Frank Henson | Christine Hewett | Arthur Howell | Tommy Ilsley | Annette Jones | Colin Michael Kitchens | Melissa Kurtz | Laine Liska | Derek Lyons | Mahjoub | Alf Mangan | Grant McCune | Geoffrey Moon | Mandy Morton | Lorne Peterson | Pam Rose | Erica Simmons | Angela Staines | George Stock | Roy Straite | Peter Sturgeon | John Sylla | Hal Wamsley | Diana Sadley Way | Harold Weed | Fred Wood | Ron Tarr | Michael Leader

Viewing Notes

After finishing Rogue One I couldn’t resist clicking over to SW immediately after to see how well it followed that story. Didn’t really want to watch SW again having just seen the OG version via LD but was curious to see the 4K UHD treatment on D+. And this was my first time to watch both R1 and SW back to back. Couldn’t finish since it was so late/early in the morning so only got half way thru it but finished it tonight.

The Dolby Vision is really sweet. It’s awesome to see details I’ve never seen before like the textures on Vader’s helmet. The practical FX look very nice in UHD. What doesn’t look good in this high-def edition: the 1997 SE updates like the dewbacks and added creatures in Mos Eisley. Wowza those look so bad now. Thankfully there’s not much of that. At least the added original footage like Biggs and Luke at the rebel hanger looks fine.

Seeing Tarkin and Leia in UHD made me appreciate the digital versions in R1 more (as I noted). They really did a p good job rendering those two even if it wasn’t necessary.

Viewing this again just makes me wanna watch all the OG films again in 4K UHD now. Nostalgia is a powerful drug.

Wondering if we need 1) a new format: 4K UHD or 2) to change 4K Blu-ray to simply 4K UHD as to not create another entry under format. This would be to cover the 4K UHD streaming content now available which is definitely quite different than standard streaming. Or perhaps “4K Streaming”?


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