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Seen on: 01/19/2020

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The Million Dollar Duck (1971)

Directed by Vincent McEveety

Comedy | Family | Science Fiction

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Professor Dooley takes home a duck from his research laboratory as a toy for his son, but soon finds out that it lays golden eggs.

Rated G | Length 89 minutes


Vaughn Taylor | Jack Kruschen | Bernard Fox | Tony Roberts | James Gregory | George O'Hanlon | Roy Roberts | Joe Flynn | Hal Smith | Jack Bender | Edward Andrews | Frank Wilcox | Robert Shayne | Peter Renaday | Dean Jones | Lee Montgomery | Arthur Hunnicutt | Arthur Franz | Sandy Duncan | Frank Cady | Bruno VeSota | Virginia Vincent | Bing Russell | Maurice Dallimore | Jonathan Daly | Jonathan Hole | Fran Ryan | Ted Jordan | Jerry Fujikawa | Jeffrey Sayre | Billy Bowles | Howard Culver | Bryan O'Byrne | Jack Perkins | Sammy Jackson | Hank Jones

Viewing Notes

Another Dean Jones Disney flick and another childhood movie, which is another upside of D+ having so many of these flicks I saw when I was a child either in grade school or as the weekly movie on Sunday. I recall seeing this movie but I know I haven’t seen it since I was a kid.


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