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Rating: 8.5 stars


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Seen on: 01/25/2020, 06/05/2004 (rewatch)

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

Directed by Alfonso Cuarón

Action | Adventure | Fantasy

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Harry, Ron and Hermione return to Hogwarts for another magic-filled year. Harry comes face to face with danger yet again, this time in the form of escaped convict, Sirius Black—and turns to sympathetic Professor Lupin for help.

Rated PG | Length 141 minutes


Gary Oldman | Julie Walters | Adrian Rawlins | Julie Christie | Robbie Coltrane | Alan Rickman | Dawn French | Michael Gambon | Emma Thompson | Timothy Spall | Maggie Smith | Daniel Radcliffe | Fiona Shaw | Harry Melling | Richard Griffiths | Geraldine Somerville | Rupert Grint | Emma Watson | Bonnie Wright | Chris Rankin | Tom Felton | David Bradley | Warwick Davis | David Thewlis | Josh Herdman | Pam Ferris | Mark Williams | Robert Hardy | Paul Whitehouse | Lenny Henry | Bronson Webb | Matthew Lewis | James Phelps | Oliver Phelps | Lee Ingleby | Devon Murray | Alfie Enoch | Jamie Waylett | Jim Tavaré | Jimmy Gardner | Genevieve Gaunt | Violet Columbus | Marianne Chase | Peter Best | Danielle Tabor | Sitara Shah | Jennifer Smith | Ekow Quartey | Kandice Morris | Samantha Clinch | Lewis Barnshaw

Viewing Notes

Still on my HP roll with arguably the best film in the series, the one directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Got the blu from the library since it’s only available for rent or purchase on streaming.

I know it’s in service of the story but I kinda hate how everyone around Harry lies or misleads him about his uncle Sirius Black. Also weird that Ginny is a complete no-show in this movie (I realize she’s not in the book much) given that she was such a big part of the previous film. I also just love seeing all these British thespians really going for it. Emma Thompson is wonderful.

This holds up quite well despite some iffy CG but I can wave it given the story execution and direction. Super wild that Cuaron took on this project but I’m so happy he did. I really wish the rest of the series kept rotating interesting directors rather than sticking with Yates (after Newell) for the remainder of the films. This was a big turning point for the cinematic adaptation of the books taking them into a much darker territory. I love how Cuaron introduced the horror elements. Enjoyed watching the BTS featurettes w/him and the cast. Pretty neat to hear them talk about working with all these excellent established actors and to hear those seasoned actors working w/the kids. Oldman and Thompson are fun to listen to. Super fun that they interview them on set still in their make-up and costumes. Disappointed they never talk w/Alan Rickman tho despite showing him cracking up in the scenes. He’s sorely missed.


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