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Seen on: 02/01/2020

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They Were Eleven (1986)

Directed by Tsuneo Tominaga, Satoshi Dezaki

Science Fiction | Mystery | Animation

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A group of students from the Cosmo Academy are about to take their final exam: surviving for over fifty days in a derelict ship. But when they arrive, they discover that instead of ten students, there are eleven. One of them doesn’t belong there…

Length 91 minutes


Tesshou Genda | Akira Kamiya | Hideyuki Tanaka | Norio Wakamoto | Toshio Furukawa | Michiko Kawai | Hirotaka Suzuoki | Michihiro Ikemizu | Kozo Shioya | Tarako | Tsutomu Kashiwakura

Viewing Notes

Really dug this. Could easily be adapted into live action film.

Thought it was gonna turn into a “Ten Little Indians” scenario but it’s actually better than that. Guessing this was a manga adaptation.

Yep, it is.


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