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Seen on: 02/02/2020

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Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1969)

Directed by Eddie Romero, Gerardo de Leon


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A man who loves to travel, travels to an island where a mad doctor is creating zombies.

Length 89 minutes


John Ashley | Angelique Pettyjohn | Edward D. Murphy | Bruno Punzalan | Ronald Remy | Ronaldo Valdez | Alfonso Carvajal | Alicia Alonzo | Tita Muñoz | Tony Edmunds

Viewing Notes

Really cool that these films from Severin’s Blood Island OOP set are available on Prime. Looks amazing. Small consolation for not getting that set which was loaded with extras.

This isn’t a good movie but hot damn is this a beautiful restoration. Of course the movie is enjoyable for what it is and has me wishing I had seen this as a kid with my friends. Worth noting that the animal violence is likely real and very disturbing.


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