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Rating: 8.5 stars


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Seen on: 02/07/2020, 02/04/2020, 01/31/2020 (rewatch)

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Gretel & Hansel (2020)

Directed by Oz Perkins

Supernatural | Horror

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A long time ago in a distant fairy tale countryside, a young girl leads her little brother into a dark wood in desperate search of food and work, only to stumble upon a nexus of terrifying evil.

Rated PG-13 | Length 87 minutes


Alice Krige | Jessica De Gouw | Sophia Lillis | Charles Babalola | Ian Kenny | Sammy Leakey | Abdul Alshareef | Manuel Pombo | Beatrix Perkins

Viewing Notes

Doing this again in a better theater (a/v). Looking forward to hearing this beautiful score without the speaker blow out.

This movie makes me want to revisit THE VOID. I guess this is my favorite movie of the year?

Bumping up my rating. I may try to hit it again. Really wish we could see this in the Dolby theater. The clipped a/r is very distracting (not being in complete black compared to the backdrop screen).


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