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The Hobbit (1977)

Directed by Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin, Jr.

Adventure | Action | Fantasy

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Bilbo Baggins the Hobbit was just minding his own business, when his occasional visitor Gandalf the Wizard drops in one night. One by one, a whole group of dwarves drop in, and before he knows it, Bilbo has joined their quest to reclaim their kingdom, taken from them by the evil dragon Smaug. The only problem is that Gandalf has told the dwarves that Bilbo is an expert burglar, but he isn’t…

Rated NR | Length 77 minutes


Otto Preminger | Orson Bean | John Huston | Cyril Ritchard | John Stephenson | Brother Theodore | Paul Frees | Richard Boone | Hans Conried | Don Messick

Viewing Notes

RIP Orson Bean
July 22, 1928 — February 7, 2020

Only available for rent or purchase via streaming so I went over to my library for it.

What the hell I thought I logged this already. Seriously I’m sure I’ve seen this dvd from my library before. There was a time when I checked out all the Rankin and Bass Tolkien adaptations. Oh it was Bakshi that did the first animated LOTR film then Rankin/Bass did Return of the King.

Guessing I viewed this before I was logging films on the regular. Anyways, this is a big staple from my childhood. I had the vinyl album and listened to it all the time. It holds up rather well.


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