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The Geisha (1983)

Directed by Hideo Gosha


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Yokiro was the most successful Geisha house in Western Japan during the first half of the 20th century and remains open to this day. At its peak, it was home to over 200 geisha, however behind the fabulous facade, there were many battles - between family members, men and women, and with the Yakuza. Momokawa was sold to Yokiro at age 12, and despite being the top geisha, her many complicated relationships provide unending challenges throughout her glamorous but turbulent life.

Length 144 minutes


Tetsur┼Ź Tamba | Kazuo Kitamura | Morio Kazama | Mitsuko Baisho | Mikio Narita | Ken Ogata | Kimiko Ikegami | Sayoko Ninomiya | Atsuko Asano | Akiko Kana | Asao Koike | Meich├┤ Soganoya | Junpei Arishima | Teruo Fujinaga | Katsutoshi Akiyama | Ren Tamura | Masaji Arikawa | Hiroshi Fujita

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Kinda nuts how many OOP dvds my library has now. Curious who has the rights to release this now on Blu or perhaps no one does but the distribution license is too expensive. Sadly the latter is usually the case.


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