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Seen on: 02/10/2020

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Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, a Sailor from York (1981)

Directed by Stanislav Látal

Adventure | Family | Animation

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The picture, unlike the other film adaptations of the story, focuses much more on Crusoe’s life before and after his stay on the island. Following the principle of setting the novel right, it describes Crusoe’s experiences with delicate irony and understanding.

Length 68 minutes


Václav Postránecký | Jiří Bruder | Stanislav Fišer | Dalimil Klapka

Viewing Notes

For animation Monday DKUTV programmed Castle of Cagliostro and this film, a Czech animated adaptation of the Daniel Defoe novel. Tuned in for this b/c I was unfamiliar with this film which combines stop motion with 2D cell animation and static illustrations to tell this classic story. Neat stuff. I’m a fan of the story so it was cool to see another version of it done in this manner.


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