Pure (2019)

Directed by Hannah Macpherson

Horror | Supernatural

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Teen girls perform a secret ritual at a Purity Retreat and, when one of them begins to see a supernatural entity, the terrifying question becomes what is more dangerous: the demon they’ve unleashed, or the pressure of their controlling fathers.

Length 90 minutes


Scott Porter | Ciara Bravo | Jim Klock | McKaley Miller | Annalisa Cochrane | T.C. Carter | Jahkara Smith | Monroe Cline | Madeleine Gardella | Tara Parker

Viewing Notes

If THE OTHER LAMB and THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST had a baby it would look something like this film. If fact you can double bill this movie with either of these or do a triple feature and you’d have a nice theme. While not quite as polished as those others, the story is effective in calling out this bullshit male behavior and oppression of young women. The fathers are gross and creepy as they subject their daughters through this purity exercise to keep them pure. The leader always carries a handgun holstered on his belt for no explicable reason other than it’s hilarious how ridiculous these people are in their beliefs. Seriously I laughed every time he’s up in front giving a sermon or whatever and has that big gun attached to his waist. So perfect.

McKaley Miller is a great new gen actress for these kinds of movies (she was also in MA). She has that sexpot kind of look but also white girl next door vibe. Had she been born twenty years earlier she would’ve been in all the Scream and Urban Legend flicks. Hope she keeps making genre films.

I really don’t give a fuck what the jackholes think of this recent wave of feminist horror/action (mostly led by female directors) because I’m enjoying it and hope it continues.


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