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Seen on: 02/22/2020

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Blackbelt (1992)

Directed by Rick Jacobson, Charles Philip Moore

Action | Crime

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Don “The Dragon” Wilson is back and forced to take on the greatest legends of the martial arts world. Wilson fights off all comers while defending rock superstar Shanna (Deirdre Imershein) against the insane attacks of a fanatical veteran John Sweet (Matthias Hues-I Come In Peace).

Length 85 minutes


Richard Beymer | Alan Blumenfeld | Matthias Hues | Victor Mohica | Jack Forcinito | Bob McFarland | Don Wilson | Mia M. Ruiz | Brooke Ramel | Deirdre Imershein | Jose Garcia | Mitchell Bobrow | Brad Hefton

Viewing Notes

Shockingly I have not seen any of the BLACKBELT films or almost all of Don “The Dragon” Wilson’s filmography, which includes his BLOODFIST and RING OF FIRE series. I did record a bunch of these from Cinemax back in the day but never got around to viewing them (this is the first Don Wilson film I’ve logged on ML… embarrassing!).

Decided to watch this one b/c 1) the sequel was programmed for B-Fest this year and of course I would not watch the sequel to a film I haven’t seen so gotta watch the first one… first, 2) stars Matthias Hues as the big bad! That dude always plays the big bad and he delivers here as a sick serial killer of singers / dancers / women and kills them in a very ritualistic way (and leaves a calling card). Takes a page right out of The Banker (1989).

Nothing is particularly good here but I do like seeing Don Wilson kicking ass and Matthias Hues being a sicko martial artist.


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