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Seen on: 02/27/2020

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Monster Island (2019)

Directed by Mark Atkins

Science Fiction | Thriller | Action

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Gigantic monsters threaten to destroy everything in their path as mankind remains defenseless

Length 99 minutes


Eric Roberts | Jonathan Pienaar | Adrian Bouchet | Toshi Toda | Ryan Kruger | Chris Fisher | Meghan Oberholzer | Natalie Robbie | Donna Cormack Thomson | Margot Wood

Viewing Notes

As far as The Asylum goes this ain’t the worst I’ve seen. I’m a little shocked at all the 1-star ratings at IMDb. Either these bro-dudes haven’t seen a The Asylum flick or just need to watch more movies. This is not a good movie but simply being mildly entertained by this flick means it can’t be a 1-star in my book. A 1-star is a film that is just interminable and commits the greatest sin of being boring. This is not a boring movie. Hell, it has Eric Roberts as a Navy commander in some odd uniform w/an Australian flag patch.

Anyways I appreciate that The Asylum is approaching this ridiculous story seriously with some semblance of a plot. I also like having a starfish for a kaiju which we really haven’t seen to this degree. I don’t really mind this being done on the cheap (this was meant to be a counter production to Godzilla KOTM last year). Oh I also like that they call the monsters Kaiju which is nice.

There are plenty better The Asylum flicks but I’d watch this one again. Would love to see it get programmed at G-Fest in an encouraged B-Fest type of screening. I’d love to see that kaiju battle on the megascreen!

Oh it was cool to see Avery Guerra and Matt Frank in the credits. Not surprised that Matt did the monster designs.


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