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Seen on: 03/04/2020

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Ultraman Cosmos 1: The First Contact (2001)

Directed by Toshihiro Iijima

Action | Science Fiction | Family

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In space, Ultraman Cosmos is battling with Baltan to stop him from invading Earth. A young boy named Musashi (Kounosuke Tokai) who is a 5th grader has a lot of dreams, such as becoming an astronaut to sail the sea of stars, and to meet Ultraman.  One night, Musashi went to the forest to observe an eclipse with his friends. Unfortunately, that night, a heavy rain fell that made everybody decide to go home except for Musashi. Meanwhile, in the middle of that rain, Ultraman Cosmos is battling with Baltan to stop him from invading the city. They both use their powers and clashed at each other. Due to the impact made by their power clash, both of them were thrown into different directions.

Length 90 minutes


Taiyo Sugiura | Ikkei Watanabe | Hidekazu Akai | Kounosuke Tokai

Viewing Notes

For DKUTV Titans of Tokusatsu Night, they programmed this and THE MYSTERIANS. I turned on the channel and caught about half of The Mysterians before the rebroadcast of ULTRAMAN COSMOS. I can understand why this has gotten unfavorable ratings; it’s clearly aimed at children (aren’t they all??) and the mix of practical and CG is not so hot. In fact, most of the CG is quite bad even for 2001 standards. That said I can’t fault them for keeping the brand alive during a down period and doing so with a very family-oriented story involving this version of Ultraman falling to Earth during a battle w/Baltan then befriending a kid and defeating the enemy by the end.

I do find it amusing that Ultraman could avoid so much destruction of the city had he just taken the fight out the country. I suppose it looks better to see a bunch of buildings get leveled but I kept thinking of the people who may have been in or around them and cost to rebuild and repair.

Glad to have seen this one but wouldn’t bother viewing again if given the choice.


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