Emma. (2020)

Directed by Autumn de Wilde

Comedy | Drama | Romance

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In 1800s England, a well-meaning but selfish young woman meddles in the love lives of her friends.

Rated PG | Length 124 minutes


Bill Nighy | Rupert Graves | Oliver Chris | Miranda Hart | Suzy Bloom | Nicholas Burns | Johnny Flynn | Christopher Godwin | Charlotte Weston | Suzie Toase | Amber Anderson | Chloe Pirrie | Mia Goth | Josh O'Connor | Lucy Briers | Esther Coles | Anna Francolini | Callum Turner | Anya Taylor-Joy | Myra McFadyen | Gemma Whelan | Rose Shalloo | Angus Imrie | Tanya Reynolds | Janine Craig | Leigh Daniels | Cris Penfold | Hannah Stokely | Connor Swindells | Isis Hainsworth | Edward Davis | Vanessa Owen | Letty Thomas | Aidan White | Chris White | Connor Dalton | Max Toovey | Cecelia Jacob | Cody Gipson | Tabitha Coop | Juno Coop | Nike Van Shie | Alastair Postlethwaite | Shaun Walters | Zachary Trevitt

Viewing Notes

Really enjoyed the heck out of this. Anya Taylor-Joy is excellent as Emma. She has the right eyes that convey so much. Bill Nighy is the lemon twist in this cool drink with all the hilarious expressions and reactions. Very funny movie that’s probably a tad light but quite entertaining. In a just world this movie would get nominated for costume design / hair & make-up but alas being a first quarter release it will sadly be overlooked.


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