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Lovebites - Daughters Of The Dawn - Live In Tokyo 2019 (2019)

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Features LOVEBITES’ gig held at MyNavi BLITZ Akasaka held on January 27. Contains 17 songs total.
1 Clockwork Immortality 2 Addicted 3 Bravehearted 4 The Crusade 5 Pledge Of The Saviour 6 Rising 7 Scream For Me 8 Break The Wall 9 Shadowmaker 10 Above The Black Sea 11 Empty Daydream 12 M.D.O 13 Journey To The Otherside 14 Edge Of The World 15 We The United 16 Epilogue 17 Don’t Bite The Dust 18 Under The Red Sky 19 The Everlasting

Length 105 minutes


Asami | Miho | Haruna | Midori | Miyako

Viewing Notes

Since LOVEBITES had to cancel the rest of their tour in Japan due to the coronavirus they served up their live show captured in Tokyo last year and subsequently released on DVD. I don’t have that DVD so I was excited to see this full concert. Downside is that it was scheduled to broadcast at 6pm Japan time which meant 3am my time. No biggie but by the time it was over close to 5am I was wired from viewing this excellent metal band rock the stage.

Seeing them live made me appreciate them more. Both Midori and Miyako are incredible on guitar. It cracks me up that they are opposites on stage; Midori is so cheerful and energetic compared to Miyako never smiling icy cool demeanor. Then they end the set and Miyako is all smiles and blowing kisses.

Miho is solid on the bass and the most headbanging of the group. Harumi impressed me the most on drums having not really paid attention before but she’s fucking great! Asami is fine as the lead vocalist and I enjoyed her banter with the crowd the most… “we are LOVEBITES and we play HEAVY METAL!!”

Most shocking thing is that non of these young women break a sweat during the course of this 100+ minute performance. Like how. There were no industrial fans blowing air on stage (that most touring bands in the US have) so I can only presume the temperature was cooler than normal. Maybe it was edited out but you don’t see them reach for towels or water bottles either. Most of the time they just kick right into the next song without a break. I’ve just never seen that. By the end of the concert they looked like they had just walked out on stage for the first time. Astonishing!

Also was cute that the band members were reading the live chat during the broadcast. Midori commented that she was more nervous about that than she was performing live. :)


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