Baaghi 3 (2020)

Directed by Ahmed Khan

Action | Crime | Thriller

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A man embarks on a bloody rampage to save his kidnapped brother.

Length 143 minutes


Ritesh Deshmukh | Jackie Shroff | Veerendra Saxena | Ashutosh Rana | Satish Kaushik | Shraddha Kapoor | Jaideep Ahlawat | Manav Gohil | Ankita Lokhande | Tiger Shroff | Disha Patani | Vijay Varma | Jameel Khoury

Viewing Notes

I am ready… also private screening in the second biggest screen! Kinda crazy that I was the only one in that theater but it’s also nice. I think, IIRC, the last time I had theater 7 to myself was for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie like 8 years ago? Wild.

Anyways, I dunno how they cannot figure out this character and write a good story/screenplay for him. My gosh this may be worse the previous movie and that one was awful. I have a lot of thoughts but not up for jotting them all down here atm. I’m just flabbergasted that they can spend so much on this production for such a lousy ‘90s DTV screenplay. It’s almost become a parody of itself.

And like the previous two films, this has ZERO connection to those except for Tiger Shroff’s Ronnie character, who is once again reinvented in this movie. Shraddha Kapoor is back. In the first BAAGHI movie she was “Sia” but in this one she is a different character “Siya” WTF. So weird.

HOWEVER if that is the plan, to just reinvent the origin story for Ronnie in each movie, then fuck it. Keep making these silly actioners so we can see Tiger Shroff roundhouse-kick dudes all day. Oh his RL dad Jackie Shroff is his dad in this movie. So that was neat. But damn the entire story is the pits.


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