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Seen on: 03/17/2020

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The Green Fog (2018)

Directed by Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson


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A tribute to a fascinating film shot by Alfred Hitchcock in 1958, starring James Stewart and Kim Novak, and to the city of San Francisco, California, where the magic was created; but also a challenge: how to pay homage to a masterpiece without using its footage; how to do it simply by gathering images from various sources, all of them haunted by the curse of a mysterious green fog that seems to cause irrepressible vertigo…

Length 62 minutes


Viewing Notes

Oh how I love this. Super pleased with myself for recognizing the clip from Edwards’ GODZILLA. I’ll probably watch this again now that I have a little more context.

Would be neat to make a list of all the films featured in this!


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