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Japan Kaiju spaceship children

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Seen on: 03/21/2020

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Gamera vs. Guiron (1969)

Directed by Noriaki Yuasa

Science Fiction

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Cannibalistic she-aliens known as the Terrans kidnap two children and take them to their home planet of Terra. After gathering information, the aliens plan to head to Earth to consume the brains of its children.  Gamera soon comes to the rescue.

Length 82 minutes


Nobuhiro Kajima | Miyuki Akiyama | Christopher Murphy | Yuko Hamada | Eiji Funakoshi | Akira Natsuki | Reiko Kasahara | Kon Ohmura | Hiroko Kai

Viewing Notes

Happy Anniversary to this movie, released on this day 51 years ago!! (Gamera vs Jiger was also released on this day 49 years ago) I’ve seen this movie but never logged it here so that’s why I chose Guiron over Jiger.

This is Mill Creek Blu-ray which looks really nice (p/q is cleaner / crisper than the DVD I have). Subtitles are slightly off. I believe the new Arrow set will have completely new subtitles done for their set. Since I have this Mill Creek set I probably won’t get the Arrow set since it’s so expensive. If the price comes down and I’m working again I’d consider it.


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