What a Honeymoon (1980)

Directed by Jesús Franco

Comedy | Adventure

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A unique adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Gold-Bug, this rare avis in Jesús Franco’s filmography was lost for a long time until the Spanish Film Library recovered it for its archive. In it, Franco tells the story of the maladjustments of a newlywed couple during their honeymoon, when it coincides with a treasure hunt.

Length 93 minutes


Oscar Martinez | Jesús Franco | Antonio de Cabo | Marisol García | Antonio Mayans | Lina Romay | Max H. Boulois | Emilio Álvarez | Ana María Rossier | Susy Boulois

Viewing Notes

Lost Jess Franco film recently discovered and restored and placed online for a limited time. Pretty neat to see even if it’s not all that good. Oddly it’s somehow worse than many of his films I’ve seen made well before this one. That said, this is still entertaining for a “let’s shoot a film in one weekend” DIY kinda thing.

It’s a mistaken identity story where newlyweds go on a honeymoon to a resort island (not a real island) and while at a carnival Simon is given a piece of paper that has info leading to a hidden treasure. Then the comedy ensues as different groups believe he is “Mr. Simon” an elite detective when he’s really just this young guy on honeymoon with his new half naked wife. Very silly movie. I enjoyed it!

I did not see Jess Franco in the movie, however. And he is in the movie according to the cast listing. Damn


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