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Seen on: 03/24/2020

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Crystal Eyes (2017)

Directed by Ezequiel Endelman, Leandro Montejano


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Buenos Aires, 1985. It’s the first anniversary of the death of Alexis Carpenter, the unstable supermodel who died tragically when she was set on fire while closing a runaway show. Lucia L’uccello - Editor-in-Chief of the most important magazine in Buenos Aires - chooses supermodels Eva Lantier and Irene del Lago to honor Alexis on the cover of the anniversary issues dedicated to the famous model. The night before the photo shoot, Alexis’s original dresses that were going to be used by the models are stolen. From that moment, members of the important fashion magazine and the agency begin to disappear, one by one, at the hands of a stealthy, sinister female silhouette in a long black leather raincoat. Is someone seeking revenge? Or has Alexis returned from the grave?

Length 82 minutes


Silvia Montanari | Andrés Borghi | Claudia Lapacó | Adriana Salgueiro | Victoria del Rosal | Anahí Politi | Erika Boveri | Claudio Armesto | Valeria Giorcelli | Camila Pizzo | Diego Benedetto | Nacho Joshas | Nerina Balza | Lux Valladolid | Agustina Del Rosal | Diana María | Fanny Mandelbaum | Silvia Fernández Barrio | Adriana Pregliasco | Pola Harlow | Rocio Sueiro | Franco La Pietra | Towa Ginger | Bárbara Tilli | Florencia Fernández Mora | Issis Trash | Natalia Bagnarelli

Viewing Notes

Cool flick! Like a mashup of Dressed to Kill + giallo + Patrick Nagel painting. Totally get why Coffman loves this movie (it screened at Windy City Horrorama last year but I missed it). Love the sets and locations and general look/feel. tbh I thought it was more late 80s / early 90s in its look/style (supposed to be set in 1985).

Some neat homages and imagery; however, I wish they would’ve shot on film (16 or 35). The digital looks really digital and always throws me off (distracts) when viewing a period film. Here it’s very noticeable. Just like I have a TruMotion setting I wish I had a filter to soften digital photography.

I’m just really happy to finally see this as it still hasn’t been picked up which is a travesty given how good this is. Seriously, thinking about it now I’m shocked. If I had a label I’d buy this just to get it out there and perhaps break even.


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