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Killing Cupid (1995)

Directed by Michael Worth


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This “Best Fiction Film Winner”* follows Valentine, a female assassin who is trapped in a room with one of her marks during the last few minutes of his life. The moment changes her own life as she vows to give up the business and seek redemption by finding the son of the man she has killed. But once in the small desert town of “Godfree”, which may or may not be stranger than the world she has just left, her old life returns to haunt her. Convinced she has joined forces with an elusive ex-assassin named “Cupid”, her former comrades hunt her down and soon discover that some things are not what they appear…. *Hollywood Documentary And Fiction Film Festival (2006)

Length 101 minutes


Lorenzo Lamas | Jeff Fahey | Rance Howard | Michael Worth | Dan Southworth | David Jean Thomas | Jenya Lano | Christa Sauls | Karen Kim | Dustin Rikert | Soon Hee Newbold

Viewing Notes

Just the opening credits scream “I AM A DTV MOVIE FROM THE MID NINETIES.”

Sometimes I’ll see a ratjj in nhs score on TMDb that I think it’s too low. Then you find a movie like this one where the score is 100% and scratch your head.


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