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A Chance in the World (2017)

Directed by Mark Vadik


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A Chance in the World is the unbelievable real life story of Steve, a wounded and broken boy destined to become a man of resilience and vision. From the day he is five-years-old and dropped off at his foster home of the next eleven years, Steve is mentally and physically tortured by Betty (his foster mother), Willie (her husband) and his foster siblings. Desperate for a sense of family and belonging, Steve searches for his biological parents, but no one in the system can help him. No one can tell him why, with obvious African-American features, he has the last name of Klakowicz.

Length 106 minutes


Terrell Ransom Jr. | Kelly Owens | Tom Sizemore | Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs | Nicholas Turturro | Fred Williamson | Steffie Grote | Jane Morris

Viewing Notes

When I attended the CIG Film Fest, the trailer for this played during every programming break… twice! And it’s not even a genre film! Learned that the fest owner/director Mark Vadik directed this.

The other day he offered a freeing rental to 100 people (due to the current lockdown). So I used the code and have to view by tomorrow. Curious about the story behind making this (featured Tim Sizemore & Fred Williamson in supporting roles).


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