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Seen on: 04/11/2020

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Hitcher in the Dark (1989)

Directed by Umberto Lenzi

Crime | Thriller

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A sick young man drives around in his daddy’s camper, looking for lone stray females to kidnap, torture, rape and murder.

Length 95 minutes


Gary Wade Morton | Joe Balogh | Josie Bissett | Jason Saucier | Robin Fox | Todd Livingston | Fay W. Edwards | Tom Schultheis

Viewing Notes

Cinematic Void did another Cinemadness movie broadcast (but really just VOD so I could view it this morning waiting for the BABYMETAL broadcast to start) this week featuring this Lenzi flick along with the horror host intro and commercial breaks with period appropriate ads and more host commentary. That was really fun to see especially the ads related to the film (motorhome dealers, Virginia Beach attractions, etc).

The movie… is terrible. Wowza. Just mean spirited and full of dumb people making dumb decisions. Was cool to see Josie Bissett in an early role but I felt so sorry for her. The serial killer Mark is a p good sociopath, awkward and volatile. Sadly the characters written around him (and the screenplay in general) act in the dumbest ways. Ugh

Oh wow this is Josie’s first feature film. That explains a lot.


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