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Babymetal - Live at Tokyo Dome: Red Night - World Tour 2016 (2017)

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“LIVE AT TOKYO DOME” features the incredible tour finale on September 19th and 20th in 2016 at Tokyo Dome, one of the biggest venues in all of Japan. Capture the extravagant performance by BABYMETAL and the extraordinary production that impressed a total of 110,000 devoted fans over a 2-night tour finale. The closing of Metal Resistance Chapter 4 features completely different setlists with no overlapping songs between RED NIGHT and BLACK NIGHT. RED NIGHT (Sep 19) comprises of songs mainly off of BABYMETAL’s second album METAL RESISTANCE, while BLACK NIGHT (Sep 20) mainly focuses on the first album with an even more powerful performance than ever before. Experience the phenomenal performance from this undeniably irresistible metal dance unit and follow them take over the world one country at a time.

Length 87 minutes


Suzuka Nakamoto | Moa Kikuchi | Yui Mizuno | Mikio Fujioka | Bohte Daisuke | Hideki Aoyama | Ohmura Takayoshi

Viewing Notes

Part of the Stay Home efforts in Japan BABYMETAL scheduled two concerts to broadcast on YT, the back to back final live shows from their historic 2016 world tour held at the TokyoDome. Red Night was the name of the first live and each show is distinguished by having completely different song lists. This concert features their biggest hit “Gimme Chocolate” along with “Road of Resistance” “Karate” and “The One” none of which would be repeated in the second show, Black Night.

This was really cool to see even tho I haven’t really been keeping up with BabyMetal these past few years. What was great is that these are from 2016 when YuiMetal was still in the group… when the concert started I honestly thought it was a newer show so I was like, “wow they found a girl who looks a lot like YiuMetal!” Then when I checked the livechat, which was a rapid battery of comments (over 67,000 tuned in to view this broadcast) and many of them were exclaiming “YUI!!!!!!” over and over. I realized that this was an older show before her departure. Also great yet sad to see Mikio Fujioka who died in 2018.

Not sure if they released on the DVD but it would be a nice one to have along w/Black Night.


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