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Amazon Prime Canada post-apocalypse rescue nudity sequel

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Seen on: 04/20/2020

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Empire of Ash III (1990)

Directed by Lloyd A. Simandl, Michael Mazo

Action | Science Fiction

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It’s the year 2050, and the world has become a wasteland after a fatal virus has ravaged the human race. Those few that have survived are forced to fight against a powerful warrior empire that seeks total control over the new world. The price of freedom in this New World is death. In a desperate stand for true civilization, the last of the warriors for freedom wage an all out assault against the evil empire

Length 98 minutes


William Smith | Scott Anderson | Melanie Kilgour | Nancy Pataki | Ken Farmer

Viewing Notes

This isn’t a good movie but it definitely scratches that itch of a bad movie that lifts from other bad movies in that long line of ROAD WARRIOR rip-offs. What’s amusing is that this supposed “post-apocalyptic wasteland” is set in the lush mountainous woodlands of British Columbia. So quite the opposite of “wasteland” but whateves. I really don’t understand what’s going on here other than William Smith is the big bad and his army of scavenger mutated soldiers is abducting young woman to keep his decrepit father alive. I think. I don’t really care. There’s some boobs and guns and a rescue mission. Also this is a sequel to EMPIRE OF ASH. Apparently there is no EMPIRE OF ASH 2 (even tho Prime labels it that way). So just 1 and 3. I want to track down the first movie now. I’m sure it’s just as bad or worse but I like this indie driven flicks that ape other bad movies that came before. Some boutique label oughta track down the elements and release both movies on 1 Blu w/some extra features / commentary that explains why there is no second movie in this series.


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