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Chicago goth band nudity satanic ritual kast tomorrow romance tv

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Seen on: 04/25/2020

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HorrorGirl (1995)

Directed by Raoul Vehill

Music | Horror | Supernatural

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Supernatural shenanigans involving an up-and-coming rock band.

Length 50 minutes


Ghetty Chasun | Jon Schnepp | Lena Miara | Doug Walker | Wendell Walker | Quintron | Debbie Winston | Scott Vehill | Marks Siska | Eric Zimmermann | Chris Kellner | Ethan Derda | Roberta Hoeft | Jonathan Lavan | Arch Harmon | Chris Cronin | Alex Pappas | Miguel Addudas | Paul Theriault

Viewing Notes

First film up in the Tomorrow Romance TV double feature watch party. A Chicago made product from the mid-90s featuring original music by a all girl goth band HORRORGIRL and something about a pizza boy and a satanic ritual. Honestly I don’t think there’s a story here. They just fucked around for a weekend filming this band in a basement, called it a club, did some satanic shit and wrapped. Not a good movie but a good movie to watch w/a bunch of people in Chicago.


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