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superhero Spoof short film

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Seen on: 05/01/2020

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Superbman: The Other Movie (1981)

Directed by David Teubner

Comedy | Science Fiction | Short

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Facing impending doom on the planet Krapton, Kid-O, infant son of Jel-O, is sent to earth where he is found and adopted by Ma and Pa Cant.  Eventually, the Kraptonian now known as Clark, becomes a newspaper reporter for the Daily Comet. Together with fellow reporter Lois Lame, they uncover a sinister plot by Rex Ruthor, to destroy the world.

Length 30 minutes


Alvy Moore | Kirk Alyn | Bob Burns | Gary Owens | Vern Dietsche | Nathan Douglas | David Gerrold | Patricia Matthews | M'Linda McGuire | Mani Migliore | Drex Reed | Mark Rydzynski | Dan Sanchez | Dave Teubner | Bjo Trimble

Viewing Notes

Mike played this short film between the first two features. Hadn’t seen it before. It’s fine. Basically merges the first two Superman films into one 30 minute short.


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