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Japan tku-tv giant robot battle manga adaptation

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Seen on: 05/02/2020

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Mazinger Z vs. Devilman (1973)

Directed by Tomoharu Katsumata

Action | Science Fiction | Animation

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Mazinger Z vs. Devilman is a 1973 animated movie that crossed over two then-popular Anime series, both of which were created by Manga artist Go Nagai. While fighting with some of his enemies Mazinger Z inadvertently knocks them into a volcano, where they crash into the prison of the Satan race and release Phoenix Jenny! Dr. Hell, learning of this, frees the rest of the Satan race and teams up with them to defeat Mazinger Z, and their ability to fly proves to be too much for our hero. Meanwhile, Devilman is also individually fighting the members of the Satan race, but their combined power is too much for him as well; can Mazinger and Devilman put aside their differences and team up to defeat Dr. Hell and the Satan race?

Length 43 minutes


Ryouichi Tanaka

Viewing Notes

DKUTV ran a bunch of giant robot movies and episodes for their Friday Theme Night, which was Shogun Warriors (all IPs that were later repurposed in the US as Shogun Warriors). I watched the entire block on the rebroadcast starting around 11pm so some of these were well into Saturday morning.

The next movie (after a couple of episodes of Grendizer and Voltes V) was this Mazinger / Devilman team-up. I had a feeling that title was misleading b/c they don’t battle each other but rather the Demon Tribe that is being controlled by Dr. Hell. This is a really fun little flick with plenty of drama and action between the two primary characters, Koji (Mazinger pilot) and Akira (Devilman).

This is also the movie where Mazinger gets the Jet Scrander wings so he can fly (this is after Akira makes fun of Mazinger for being weak against aerial attacks). Definitely one of the Mazinger flicks I’d revisit.


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