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kast star wars Spoof

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Seen on: 05/04/2020

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Hyperspace (1984)

Directed by Todd Durham

Science Fiction | Comedy

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Because of a small navigation mistake Lord Buckethead lands on Earth instead of “in a galaxy far, far away”. But he is still looking for the princess and the secret transmissions.

Rated NR | Length 86 minutes


Chris Elliott | Dave Hager | Paula Poundstone | Alan Marx | Robert Bloodworth | R.C. Nanney | Lisa Huss | Gordon Petersen | Susan Gellner | Lane Davidson | Joy Laurens | John Davis | Kevin O'Reilly | Fred Stevenson | Steve Howard | Kyrin Packard | Elvis Owensby | Rhett Owensby | Edmund Panzer

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May the 4th


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